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Monday, 28 May 2012

Too Occupied To Pee...

I fret over the little things in life. It’s the small domestic matters that consume my thoughts and I often wonder how the rest of the world is negotiating the day to day trivialities that are universal to us all. This is an issue that has concerned me before and has butted its way into my conscience again recently: when is everybody weeing? Like I said: its the small domestic matters...
As you know, I’ve had a considerable group of tradesmen through my house in recent weeks with the major renovations we’ve undertaken. These guys have been at the house from morning til late afternoon, and I’ve been mostly at home in order to let them into the house and I'm trying to save money so I'm avoiding the lure of the shops....
Anyway, when are the guys going to the toilet?!? When I was working in the office before I went on leave, I probably went to the toilet once an hour - okay, that's partly in order to do 'my rounds', as everyone would say. This was a quick flit around the cubicles, to check in on how everyone was doing, what the gossip was - I am the social butterfly of the office, after all. But in all seriousness, I did have to go to the toilet anyway... and then when I was pregnant? Well, I was constantly up and down the well trodden path to the powder room.
But where are people going when  they are on the work site like my house, or in other jobs where the loo isn't always so easy to access? Are the chippies in my yard holding on all day, or are they ducking behind the garden shed??
I wondered, even as a child, what happened to the people that used to sit in the toll booths, when there was people in toll booths. How did they go to the toilet? Did they ring a buzzer to be relieved by a co-worker? Or did they.... pee in a bottle??? I know that the men who work in the gigantic cranes on work sites pee in a bottle - I heard it straight from the horse's mouth. They can't be coming down every five minutes to powder their nose. Time is money!
And what about surgeons who perform surgery for hours on end? Complex operations that take hours? It has been suggested to me that they take a break half way through. But then they'd have to lather up again... who's holding open the patient's brain while this long wee break is happening??
And ballet dancers? Opera singers? The first violin in the symphony? These guys are sitting for hours on end. They can't just hold up their hand and stop the performance because they drank too many coffees that afternoon.
So many questions - so little contacts to ask. Anyone know a brain surgeon? I need to find out what the go is - I won't sleep til then...


  1. I saw an ep of Grey's Anatomy where one of the docs wore a nappy for a long surgery...Does this happen in real life?
    As for the tradies...they are watering your lemon tree.

  2. I would love to have it confirmed that they sometimes wear nappies - who can we ask??? They couldn't be ducking out mid surgery all the time because of the massive hassle of disinfecting again.
    Meanwhile, if they are all weeing on my tree, how come it's not growing?????? It should be fertilised, not dying ha ha