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Saturday, 26 May 2012

Project Updates!

Here's an update an all the projects - some trundling along happily, others stalled. Learning that a renovation site means continuous cleaning and, add a baby to the mix, my body is permanently attached to a vacuum and a mop. That's not happiness - BUT, the house is starting to come along. We attacked the nursery this week - it was altready a nursery on purchase, apple green with an animal freize. It wasn't bad but we preferred to put our own stamp on it. First stop Bunnings and the paint colour chart. How many shades of pink exist in this universe?!? I went with a lolly pink, and threw all caution to the wind - I hate deliberating over small decisions like colour. You can always paint over it can't you?Anyway, it was veeeerryy pink once on the wall...
Now I have to let you know that I have champagne taste on a beer budget so everything I buy is very nice, and in my referred style of vintage or chic retro. So I had a lot of lovely things for the nursery but I had them stuffed in drawers, boxes, thrown on the chair. My mother is the real designer of the family - in fact my whole family are artistic, everyone except me. Not an artistic bone in the body. So while I bought all the lovely things, and picked the fabulously garish pink walls, my mother sorted out the styling and made it look pretty in pink chic!

Prints from http://www.gelatiart.com.au Frames from two dollar shop! Style on a budget...

Bunting and letters made by my crafty mum

And a flurry of activity happened with the other rooms with timber shutters replacing hideous blinds

Looks much fresher and contemporary doesn't it?

And the timber decking is going down on the back deck, with Tallow wood wide planks courtesy of SE Timber Caringbah Flooring.

So busy times here which meant the running project has fallen by the wayside - only 2 four km runs this week, but I did manage to eat half a wheel of brie yesterday and several rows of Cadbury chocolate, so my priorities are clearly straight.
Haven't watched any films but currently reading a Sherlock Holmes novel but more on that later.....
Baking some scones tomorrow - tremble in fear, the dreaded scones. Let's hope these rise a bit more, I will triumph over them yet!
And gardening update - the cat from (I'm assuming) next door has sat on one of my brocolli, crushing it completely, and left a lovely present in the soil next to it. Uuuggh, cats! Hate them!

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