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This blog started years ago as a place to muse on the life projects keeping me entertained. It is no surprise then that it has morphed into a blog about my reading as that has been my lifelong project. Here I review lots of different types of books, with an added focus on Australian women writers. Hope you enjoy - feel free to contribute to the conversation!

Saturday, 12 May 2012

I'm an IT idiot...

I'm such an idiot - I didn't have the comment user device activated so that people could comment without having to log in. I've rectified it now - leave a comment and then I won't feel like I'm just talking into the ether


  1. you're not alone :)

    1. I'm not alone in the ether? Or I'm not alone in being an IT idiot?? ha ha
      Hope you're enjoying the blog

  2. Both most likely - yes I am loving it. I can hear your voice as you rant. KH :)