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Thursday, 3 May 2012

And So The Work Begins...And Sushi Rolls Have Been The Revelation

We've had an industrious week. The back verandah and back wall have been knocked down and sliding doors have let the light in to what was a very dark back room. The construction boys have been great - and have been a real revelation through their culinary interests and daily topics of conversation. Instead of pies and sausage rolls for lunch - what I thought would have been de rigour for chippies and brickies - the boys have been driving to a nearby suburb for takeaway platters of sushi. They tell me they watch their weight and like to be healthy?!? They're putting me to shame. Definitely a generational thing - I think this generation of twenty somethings are very body focussed and keep very fit.
Similarly, their conversations that filter past me as they wheel the rubble up our side path have been a revelation - history, politics. I've come to the conclusion that I'd like to pack in my office job and retrain as a chippie - it looks like a lovely day, working outside with mates, and accompolishing something concrete every day. Shame I'm too long in the tooth to become an apprentice now...and I don't think I could rock the tool belt well enough.
Meanwhile, the raised veggie bed has been built and the veggies are in - beans, carrots, broccoli, leeks and silverbeet. And some Sweetpea flowers to decorate the trellis. Can't wait for them to start seriously growing! It will be leek and chicken pies, and spinach and feta filos for us very soon...

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