Why reading and writing is the road to happiness...

This blog started years ago as a place to muse on the life projects keeping me entertained. It is no surprise then that it has morphed into a blog about my reading as that has been my lifelong project. Here I review lots of different types of books, with an added focus on Australian women writers. Hope you enjoy - feel free to contribute to the conversation!

Books / Film

Every year we make New Year's Resolutions that are actually achievable - none of this pie in the sky losing weight stuff. BORING. Noone ever actually achieves that properly. So we all make silly, very achievable resolutions each year and report back through the year how we are progressing. You'd be surprised how satisfying it is each year to achieve that one goal, especially when  its something like rolling over your super funds, or moisturising your feet regularly (that was my goal last year - pretty high level huh?). 

This year I said I would watch more films - not necessarily at the cinema, could just be plain old films on telly) - my husband hates it how I never just sit and watch a film with him, instead trotting around doing 'stuff' or looking at the internet. So I shall be reporting back on films that I watch - but also reviewing books I read. Because really - I read way more than I watch movies, and there just never seems to be anything to see these days anyway....

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