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Sunday, 8 April 2012

Baking - Persian Love Cake

Another Annabel Crabb recipe from Kitchen Cabinet - the Persian Love Cake, featured in the episode with Christopher pyne and Amanda Vandstone. As an aside, Vandstone talked about how she had uni students marching against her in the 1990s over HECs cuts, and that jolted me back to my uni days - I was one of those students! How times have changed... I really liked her on the show. I must be becoming an old conservative...NEVER!!!! And I liked Pyne as well on the show - kudos to Crabb for bringing out the likeable side of two people who wouldn't normally appeal to me. I especially liked how free pouring they were with their wine - they looked like they knew a good time when they saw it. 

So here is the cake. A lot of buzz on this online, especially in the gluten free community as it uses almond meal. It was absolutley delicious and it allowed me to skirt past my usual baking problem - rising. Its essentially a very flat cake, but nutty, buttery and moist from the yoghurt. Another great hit with the crowd. Happy Easter!

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