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Saturday, 7 April 2012

Barbie branches out...

Two thought provoking news stories on Barbie this week. One is that Mattel have released a 'I Want To Be The President' Barbie: apparently they have entered a Barbie in the US election several times over the years. Surely she got more votes than Sarah Palin as I'd hazard a guess that even Barbie would know where Russia was in relation to America. Second news story was that they also released a Barbie with a wig for children going through chemo. Nice idea - have no problem with that. But for some reason I immediately thought of Shane Warne. Why? No idea, it must have been the reference to fake hair. And a Shane Warne Barbie sprang into my mind.

He's pretty Ken like these days huh? Especially the sheen of his skin.


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