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Friday, 13 April 2012

Bad BUPA vs Good BUPA

A deeply serious question has been niggling at me for quite some time - and I have been losing too much head space time much dwelling on it. And it was this - are those people on the BUPA ads twins or are they the same actor with make up?

My life couldn't move on without the answer.

I had taken a straw poll and it seemed other people were also intrigued - and as it turned out, felt the same way that I did about the ads. The fact of the matter is that these ads are immensely depressing because each and every one of us knows deep down that we are rapidly becoming the bad BUPA, and our good BUPA self is becoming a sad and distant memory. What is depressing me even more is that my descent into bad BUPA seems to have accelerated at the recent birth of my first child. Not only has my waist expanded, hair thinned and lost shine, skin gone sallow and tired looking - but my dress sense has reduced to old gym gear with vomit stains, and fluff from wipe up terry cloth nappies.

To sum up: if I went with my sibling / twin for the audition for the BUPA commercial, I would be thinking I'd get the good BUPA part - and BAM! Director: "Soooo, Angie you'll be playing the part of the bad BUPA... No we won't need you to sit for make up darl, just come as you are...."
*sob When will I get back to good BUPA............?

Incidentally, Google informs me that the ad uses single actors with body doubles for the over shoulder shots - prosthetics and make up were used to create effect. Why bother - they could have just used me for free

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