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Sunday, 13 May 2012

Mother's Day Classic 2012 - Running!

Another Mother's Day Classic running in my friend Chris' team - Hostplus - one of the sponsors of the day. Last year I was 5 months pregnant and shambled along the 8km walk with my mum but this year I was back to running. When I call it running, I really mean shuffling - J literally pushed me up the small incline at the Domain past the Art Gallery, so that I finished the 4km without stopping. It felt good to be running again, even if it was only for the short race - and even if we had to dodge and weave between all the kids doing the 4km. It was like human Tetris. But as usual the day struck me as a good reminder of what's important in life - family, friends and good health - as we read the messages on the back of other runners / walkers who have lost a family member or have survived breast cancer. Such an insidious disease, but days like this raise a lot of mmoney for research so my family and friends are more than happy to support it. So - we did the 4km in 22, 23 minutes? Something like that. Not bad for two tired parents who haven't been running much lately...

Thanks Hostplus for having us again!

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