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Saturday, 2 June 2012

The Great Scone Challenge - Baking

Well, when I fail at something I turn to my usual strategy - cheating. And since my scone making has continued to fall flatter than a ballet dancer's chest, I have resorted to accepting help from the masters - the CWA. Did you know that you can buy a pre mixed scone flour especially commissioned by the CWA? No? Well, now you do. I spied it in my local Woolies and while I felt a bit naughty for using a packet in my quest to become a better baker, I felt reassured nonetheless that I was being mentored in a way by the consumate bakers. The verdict? I threw some water into the mix, and it was very sticky so I thought I had used too much (no of course I didn't measure it - that's why my baking always fails!), and prepared for another failure. I placed the scones close together, as advised by the CWA instructions on the side of the box, to help the rising. And I baked for 18 minutes. I can tell you that they looked pretty bloody bonza in the oven - hey I'm already talking like someone from the CWA! Okay, they were connected and were pretty much just one giant scone, but what a scone it was! Fluffy, light, crusty on the outside. They were fantastic. My guests gobbled them up. Those CWA woemn sorted me right out. Is there anything those women can't do?
Right, now I'm going to attempt another CWA classic - the sponge....*deep intake of breath*

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