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Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Dear Prime Minister

On Monday night I formalised my burgeoning personality as a cranky old crackpot by huffing my way through an angrily penned letter - ok, actually I tapped out an email (modern technology has really taken the romance out of the letter written in anger hasn't it?). It wasn't to my local newspaper, although I have threatened many times to write to the editor there on such pressing issues as the increasing amount of grafitti in our area, and the lack of clean public toilets in the parks. No, I haven't gone through with that threat, namely because J said he would be mortified if my name appeared next to such a 'Nanna-esque' correspondence. Nor have I written an email to my local member to complain about the fact that our recycling bins are only emptied every fortnight, which is a real impediment to a thorough collection of all recycled materials, and quite frankly the bane of my existence as empty milk cartons and Pinot Noir bottles mount precariously in my pantry. No, I haven't contacted my local member - that's for small fry. I have emailed the Prime Minister - directly. And not because I'm angry at her. I'm not angry at her - I'm angry at all the negative nellies that continually demonise her for her clothes, her voice, her marital status, her childlessness, her treatment of KRudd (I've moved on, can't everyone else?), and her policies which are in reality supporting the working class of Australia, and giving a bit of stick to the very wealthy. I'm over it. And her treatment at the hands of Tony Jones on Q and A on Monday night pushed me over the edge - he would never speak to Tony Abbott the way her spoke to her, and it confirms for me my belief that much of this is pure sexism. Sure, people might not agree with her policies as well - that's fine. Tony Jones may be a Liberal voter. But there is an underlying sexism in his, and other individuals' treatment of her, that is palpable. 
People need to remember that being a Prime Minister is a seriously tough gig, and possibly we should also remember and be happy that our Prime Minister isn't having sex with her interns, or having bongo bongo parties with sixteen year old models (it was bongo bongo parties wasn't it or am I making that up?), and she isn't having people executed, thrown in jail for expressing their beliefs, or using the military as her henchmen. I think she's doing a pretty bloody good job representing us, and I emailed her to tell her. And to thank her for my non-means tested paid parental leave which was very appreciated, and to encourage her to keep looking at the troubling issue of child care in this country, which I believe is a major cause of women being held back in the workforce. I am thrilled that she is discussing it, and won't be whinging if there isn't a solution straight away, because I understand that it's a difficult issue to resolve. And I told her to ignore the crap about her jackets - I actually like Carla Zampatti anyway...
So - I hope she gets that email because I've decided that I'm no longer going to fume in silence over issues, and secondly, if people are doing the right thing I will let them know. We get so little positive feedback these days that I think it boosts people's morale to have just a little kindness directed their way. Like the email I sent to Coles last month to congratulate the wonderful staff that deliver my groceries. They are fantastic - very friendly, and helpful. Will they hear about that email though? Hhmmm, probably not: the Coles people are too busy throwing money at British comediens to sell our products when an Australian would do just as well at the job. Gee there's another email in that I think...
Anyway, I'll let you know if I get a reply from JG. I wait with bated breath...


  1. Angie, I appreciate your blog and your ranting!
    I laugh (yes, out loud) quite often. Keep it up :)
    KH :)

    1. Glad you're enjoying the ranting - someone has to listen to it, because it seems to fall on deaf ears in this house!!! ha ha. And if you think I rant here, you can't even imagine me in the car - the language is extreme, my husband says its a Jekyl and Hyde thing because I'm like a tornado of fury in city traffic and then quite placid as soon as I step out of the car! Feel free to become a member of the blog so I don't look like such a freak since I accidentally became the lone member of my own blog...sigh