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Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Project Updates - Four Shades of Grey?

Haven't updated the projects for a while so here is a quick run down of what has been projecting happiness lately...
Renovation: We have taken a litttle break for a while, a bit of breathing space from gyprock dusty air and plaster shavings on the carpet. The biggest thing we have done this month is cement render the old red brick facade and we now wait for six weeks or so before we paint. That's lucky because we have to choose colours - and while we would never think of ourselves as dithering old nannas when making renovation decisions, we have in fact stood at this colour palette painted on the facade and contemplated with great seriousness four different shades of bone and grey. This is the sort of ridiculous introspection that gives renovators a bad name. Anyway, we'll probably go with test colour three and regret our decision for the next twenty years.
Gardening: This gardening business is a test in patience. Everyday I rush out to see if anything looks even remotely bigger, or even an inch closer to edibility. At the very least, I can say that the leaves of my broccoli and spinach are picture perfect - no bug bites or discolouration. I'm as pleased as punch, but still impatient to cut off that first head of brocolli. I suppose I'll just keep waiting and willing this sunny weather to go on and on...

Baking: Still have not made that sponge cake I threatened to try, but we had a Tour de France party here on Saturday and I made Apple Tarte Tatine from Jamie Oliver does France. It was tres delicious - and very easy.

Running: Have gone back to training, and have committed myself to the Sutherland to Surf 11km run this Sunday. Two years ago I did it in 60mins flat - expecting to take 3 hours this year! May need to stop in on someone's house on the way for a pee stop and something to eat!

Film: Finally got to see a film at a cinema this month, and no, we didn't go see something esoteric. We saw the new Seth McFarlane film Ted, and while I heard a few of my brain cells give a throaty cough and roll over and die - it was fun nonethless.

Books: Currently reading 'Gold' by Chris Cleave, a fictional account of a British Olympic cycling team training for the London Games. I have read 'the Other Hand' by Cleave which was a really intense novel that won a lot of critical acclaim a few years ago. This is so-so. I'm not really gripped by the characters but only 100 pages in so will persist.

And that's all the projects for now. I'm off to stare at the grey and bone squares again...

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